Personalized Jumbo Pencils

Promote your company by distributing personalized colored pencils among all the students and kids at any school fair, art exhibition, or other kid-friendly events! With these personalized jumbo pencils, you can add even more fun to this promotional option for a marketing tactic they will love!

Browse through our jumbo pencils section and pick a style to fit your needs and let us customize it for you! These pencils come in varying colors such as red, yellow, and white to help you make a statement in style. We also offer jumbo pencils with a variety of fonts to help you express yourself in a way that matches your business logo. Choose from affordable personalized jumbo pencils with or without an eraser and start customizing today! These pencils are of excellent quality and ensure smooth writing with each use. Made with high-quality wood bodies and No. 2 lead, these pencils sharpen to a fine exact point and the models with eraser ends provide easy and clean corrections. These pencils are a great option for younger hands just starting to write with their easy grip size.

We can custom design these pencils to fit your needs. We can print your company name and logo or whatever text you desire for your promotional needs. Our personalized colored pencils can be given to the guests as a party favor at a birthday party or school event. Giving personalized pencils to kids or students is an excellent way to brighten someone’s day while also acting as a marketing tool. With these custom products, you can remind your targeted audience of your company whenever they look at pencil!

At, we are committed to providing you with the most affordable customized writing utensils. While other businesses charge you for the manufacturing method in addition to the product being purchased, we cut out the middleman step to save you more money. We create your order in-house. If you have any questions, our team would be happy to answer them! Call or order online today to get started on your custom product!

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